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IBX by Famous Names
IBX by Famous Names
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IBX by Famous Names
IBX by Famous Names
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Real IBX customers share their success stories!

In my client’s breast cancer support group, everyone stares at her nails. She told them all about me! She’s so happy that her nails are truly beautiful, even after chemotherapy. 

My nails have been awful for 37 years due to thyroid issues. Gel Polish would last 4 days if I was lucky. I did IBX for 8 weeks: my nails are strong, healthy and Gelish lasts 2+ weeks!

The Harmony Therapy Trust (UK) offers free holistic treatments for those with serious illnesses. I started as a Trust therapist and will donate my time and raise donations to enable wonderful IBX treatments.

I can just see the hordes of women ditching gels & acrylics! You have to TRY the product. I simply cannot comprehend the amount of nail growth in a short amount of time. There is nothing like it. Thumbs up!

I received my IBX Duo Pack on January 17. By the end of March, I was up to 70 clients with more requests coming in! Clients are happy-happy. Isn’t that the best indicator of the product’s effectiveness?

Wow! These results are simply incredible. This is a product that will be taking the entire industry by storm. Every nail tech needs to have IBX front and center on their tables.

Thank you for ALL you do for the industry! Thank you for the products and tech you give us, but mostly for your loyalty and support.

My client has delamination on two nails. I was so tempted to file it away but, I followed the IBX instructions. Both my client and I watched as the nails repaired while applying heat. AMAZING!”

I now complain my nails are growing too fast!

I am so thankful I have been a part of this test program, and love what IBX has done for my nails… I actually have my OWN nails look good.

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